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<title>Custom Stained Glass & Mirror Designs Venice CA | Beauvilla Glass Designs</title>

<meta name="description" content="Beauvilla Glass Designs is a local business in Venice CA that has Custom Stained Glass & Custom Stained Mirror Designs. Click Here to view our sample designs"/>

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<p align="center"> <font class="phone_number"><strong>

<span class="style2">(310) 399-1212</span><br class="style2" />

<span class="style2">(310) 399-1181</span></strong></font> </p>





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<h1 align="center"> <strong><font size="-1">Custom Glass &amp; Designs</font></strong> </h1>

<h2 align="center"> <strong><font size="1">Stained<br />

Leaded<br />

Beveled<br />

Etched<br />

Sand-Carved</font></strong> </h2>

<h3 align="center"> <font size="1"><strong>Glass &amp; Mirror</strong></font> </h3>

<h3 align="center"><strong><font size="1">Windows &amp; Doors</font></strong></h3>

<h3 align="center"> <font size="1"><strong>Commercial &amp; Residential

Installations</strong></font> </h3>




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<center><span style="color:#FA2F87;font-size:20px;"><a href="http://blog.beauvillaglassdesigns.com">Visit Our Blog</a></span></center><br />

<address align="center"><font size="3">Beauvilla Glass Designs<br />

1341 Abbot Kinney Blvd.&nbsp; Venice,&nbsp; California&nbsp; 90291</font></address>


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<table width = 600><tr><td>


Windows and doors are the finishing touch to any room,

house, or business. Beauvilla Glass Designs creates unique glass or mirror

designs that are eye-catching and add that special flair to your space. We

specialize in custom stained glass and custom etched mirrors, but also design

bathroom enclosures and skylights.</span><br class="style1" />

<br class="style1" />

<span class="style1">Whatever your design preference, we will make it happen. We

have the classic design of leaded glass with traditional rich colors. There is

also geometric glass design which is more contemporary using many

textures. Antique windows, with stained glass, can be restored resulting in

upgraded quality and strength.</span><br class="style1" />

<br class="style1" />

<span class="style1">Owner, Sherry May, consults with each client. She then

designs the glass in accordance to the client&#8217;s taste. The resulting design,

created in her art studio, always meets her quality standards. This neighborhood

business is located in Venice CA but not limited to this area. Work from

Beauvilla Glass Designs has been commissioned worldwide, reaching Saudi Arabian,

Japanese, and European clients.<br />

<br />

Our website photo gallery shows leaded, beveled, etched and sand carved glass

designs. Come to our showroom and let us create a design for you.





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