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Leaded Glass

Etched Glass

This 6' diameter stained glass dome is a commission for a residence in Toluca Lake, CA.

This 15' long etched glass partition was done for the financial institution, U.S. Bancorp.

This is a portion of an etched glass fire screen. Beauvilla Glass Designs also fabricates fire screen bases in steel, brass or iron.


Etched, Leaded and Beveled Glass


Leaded Glass surround



This is a combination etched, beveled and leaded glass window panel of koi fish design.


This leaded and stained glass bathtub surround, is one of the many ways our leaded glass window designs can be used to create an aesthetic bathroom environment.


These two leaded windows are examples of hand blown glass called Rondelles fabricated in a traditional style.



This etched and carved standing piece of an "Érte goddess" is 23" x 66 ". We often do pieces like this as door panels and room dividers to client specific dimensions.

'Homage to the glory days of surfer.' Custom created in the image of a client supplied photo. This etched and carved piece is 13" x 11".

These two leaded doors are examples of two very different styles. The glass panel with the rose vine being more traditional with rich colors. The geometric glass design is a more contemporary style using many different textures of clear glass including clear jewels and bevels.

This triptic is a leaded and beveled glass entry. It was designed for our client as inspired by another panel we designed and fabricated in etched and carved glass of the chrysler building in New York. This center panel is approximately 2 feet wide by 6' 3/4" tall. The side panels are 10" wide by 6' 3/4" tall. The majority of the backgroud glass is clear with some textured clear glass and bevels to enhance the view.

This etched and carved circular glass piece was commissed as peacemaker award for Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu.

These three antique windows are an example of our work in restoration. The lead was completely removed to be reglazed with all of the original glass. The result is a final product of upgraded quality and strength.

These leaded and beveled glass panels are for a kitchen cabinet set. Our client wanted something with a very Victor Horta nouveau style. The background glass is clear antique glass with jeweled and beveled accents.

Custom wedding present, over all dimensions 14"x 14"

This etched and carved design of an anchor was designed for a historical landmark Bed and Breakfast home in Santa Monica. Approx. 31" x 47"

These custom etched and carved glass door panels are designed from terra cotta bas-relief images of cherubs. They are sandblasted with a completely obscure background to allow for privacy for kitchen, dining and powder room doors. Approx. 24" x 80"

This leaded and stained glass mermaid was a custon design for our clients. They listed all the different types of sea creatures they wished to be included. The mermaid's face, torso and hands were all painted and fired in a kiln. This is the actual process that refers to "stained glass." The double strand of pearls is made of clear opalized glass beads. Approx. dimensions 50" x 42"

This original traditional style window is made up entirely of beveled glass. It measures approx 47" x 17". It is beautiful as an entry door piece.

The above glass for Salt and Straw's ice cream parlor on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice was designed with Andee Hess of Osmose Designs. We worked to incorporate our glass with her interior design concepts for the store.

The transom window above the entry door is approx. 42" x 56".

Leaded Glass

The above etched and sand-carved piece was cusotm designed for a client who wanted a "Serengeti" scene. It is to be installed in a dividing wall and illuminated with LED lighting. It measures 43" x 27"

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