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Since 1981, Beauvilla Glass Designs has brought beautiful works of art to life in the form of stained glass, etched glass, leaded glass and carved glass. Our original designs are totally customized for each piece and crafted by hand with extreme care and detail. Let us consult with you and realize your vision for a beautiful piece of glass, no matter the size or style of the project. Contact us today for an appointment.

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  • We have 40 years of experience and proven craftsmanship, leading us to create truly beautiful, authentic works of art.
  • Beauvilla Glass Designs’ work has been commissioned and shipped all over the world, including to Saudi Arabia, Japan and Europe.
  • Our custom glass services are available to both residential and commercial customers, spanning installations of all sizes and types.
  • Each piece is made by hand, with careful attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship on display in the final results.
  • In addition to designing and crafting your custom class, we also handle installation to make sure everything is done right, all the way through.

High-End, Custom Glass Works of Art

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If you’re in the market for a beautiful piece of glass that’s customized to meet the design aesthetics of your space, Beauvilla Glass Designs is ready to bring it to life for you. Our artisan glass creations are known around the world for their quality and craftsmanship! From stained glass to beveled glass designs, to leaded glass and even etched or carved panes, we’ll gladly work with you to create something truly breathtaking and awe inspiring. The results will be a unique work of art that’s unmatched by any other glass company in Venice, CA.

As glass experts with decades of craftsmanship and technique behind us, we’re able to properly and clearly translate your vision from concept to tangible custom glass in Venice, CA. Whether it’s a beautiful triptych that combines stained glass and beveled elements with leading, or a craved glass work of art that’s accented with bold stained glass colors, we can make it happen. Because everything we do is by hand, you’re guaranteed the care and precision of our work at a caliber unmatched by anyone else. From your home’s windows and mirrors, to your commercial business’ interior glass, to the ornamental stained glass for your one-of-a-kind idea, Beauvilla Glass Designs relishes the opportunity to be your artistic partner for a breathtaking glass design.

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Nowhere else will you find the beautiful works of art available at Beauvilla Glass Designs!
Let us design a totally unique piece for you, crafted with the utmost care and precision.

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