Beveled Glass Windows in Venice, CA

beveled glass
Beveled glass is instantly recognizable in doors and windows and serves to really make glass “pop” by giving it depth and appeal. When it comes to making sure your glass stands out and catches the eye of all who walk past, Beauvilla Glass Designs specializes in creating amazing beveled glass concepts. Not only do we bevel glass for doors and windows, we’re also able to create custom bevel designs for cabinets, office décor and other unique glass pieces.

More than just beveling glass, we’re able to combine the unique dimensionality of the bevel with other styles—including leaded glass and stained glass—to create visual works of art you’ll be proud to display in your home or office.

Custom Designs

When it comes to beveled glass in Venice, CA, the possibilities for custom designs are limitless. We’ve created everything from perfect geometric bevels to shaped glass with unique beveling to create standout accents and imagery. Our abilities span both traditional beveled styles and contemporary approaches, allowing us to create something truly unique or something that blends seamlessly with an existing fixture.

Beveled Windows

Windows are the perfect opportunity for beveled glass because it allows natural sunlight to refract into a home or business with stunning illumination. Not only does light penetrate the flat surfaces of the glass, it also dances along bevels to give ornamental windows the perfect glow. On bright, sunny days, your beveled glass windows in Venice, CA will take on an almost crystalline appearance that adds ambiance to any space.

From geometric bevels that mimic classic craftsmanship to artful beveling as part of a larger glass work of art, count on Beauvilla Glass Designs to create a stunning work of art out of glass. Our precision, craftsmanship and expertise when it comes to stylistic beveling will result in truly beautiful results. Contact us today at 310-399-1212 to get started.

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