Custom Glass Etching in Venice, CA

For beautiful, detailed designs that stand out and make a statement, etched or carved glass is a great investment. Carving or glass etching in Venice, CA gives an artist the opportunity to bring a unique image to life on your glass with stunning detail, transforming your pane from a blank slate into its own work of art.

At Beauvilla Glass Designs, we offer both methods of glass customization and can work with you to determine which is right for your project based on the results you want to see and the final application of the glass.

etched glass

Glass Etching

Custom glass etching in Venice, CA can be applied to everything from trinkets like wine glasses to huge panes of branded glass for businesses. At Beauvilla Glass Designs, we specialize in one-of-a-kind large pieces, used for display in your home or business.

Etched glass involves scoring glass to disrupt its transparency, creating a frosted appearance. Images are etched into glass via sandblasting or through acid treatment to create pictures that stand out when the transparent glass is complemented by the frosted glass.

From brand logos for businesses, to textures and designs for homeowners, etched glass is a great way to beautify panes or create a level of privacy without blocking light.

Carved Glass

Carved glass has a similar appearance to etched glass, however the process of creating the image is slightly different. Instead of simply scoring the glass to create an offsetting tone, carved glass involves etching deeper into the glass itself, to create dimension. As a result, carved glass offers depth and clarity that can’t be achieved through etching. In addition, carved glass can also be stained and painted for a more dramatic appearance.

If you’re interested in bringing a custom image to life or want the dramatic flair of etched or carved glass in your home or business, contact Beauvilla Glass Designs today at 310-399-1212. We’ll create a beautiful work of art that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever appreciated before.

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