Leaded Glass Windows in Venice, CA

leaded glass bathroomLeaded glass has a rustic, beautiful charm to it and stands out with prestige wherever it’s displayed. At Beauvilla Glass Designs, we strive to create leaded glass designs that are imaginative and idyllic, so you can make a statement no matter where your work of art is being displayed. From leaded glass windows to full-size leaded glass doors, our abilities span pieces of all sizes and design styles.

Leaded Glass Doors

Leaded glass doors in Venice, CA offer enormous opportunity for design and filigree, bringing amazing detail to glass artistry. Because doors are the gateway to your home or business, we aim to make sure you’re presenting the best possible first impression in the form of a unique leaded glass door.

From geometric patterns with traditional leading to more intricate, detailed designs, our leaded glass doors are the product of precision and craftsmanship. We take the time to ensure all leading is properly position and filled, so there’s no room for movement or rattling as your door is constantly opened and closed. Our emphasis not only on design integrity but also the stability of the door itself means we’ll provide you with a leaded glass door that will proudly mark your entryway for decades to come.

Leaded Windows

From simple sections to ornate designs, our leaded glass windows in Venice, CA are stunningly beautiful! When combined with stained glass features, we’re able to provide you with windows that tint the light wondrously to instill your home with beauty.

More than just windows for your home or business, we can also create leaded glass for cabinetry. We combine elements such as beveled glass with our leaded designs to create value-add beauty for your kitchen.

Interested in the classic style of leaded glass? Want the flair and appeal of leaded accents for your doors or windows? Consult with us today about leaded glass designs and let us bring a work of art to life in the shape of your vision. Contact us today at 310-399-1212 to consult with our design experts.

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