Stained Glass in Venice, CA

Stained glass is iconic. We associate it with the tranquility of churches, the prestige of Victorian mansions and the wholesomeness of the images it often depicts. Being able to bring stained glass works of art into your home or business is a strong way to make a commitment to art and all it stands for.

Not just traditional imagery, Beauvilla Glass Designs specializes in creating stained glass works of art that depict any imagery you desire! Whether you prefer the many hues of geometric designs working together or the accent of bold colors in a larger piece of stained glass in Venice, CA, we’re ready to put our decades of craftsmanship to work.

mermaid stained glass

Capturing Every Detail

Through our established techniques, we’re able to create stained glass windows in Venice, CA that offer dramatic depth and appeal! We can do detailed and very ornate glass to glass with much larger more expansive pieces. We channel your vision into a glass medium for awe-inspiring results.

Any Size Work of Art

From the smallest of stained glass windows for your home, to huge, domed ornamental pieces for your commercial building, our capabilities are limitless. No matter how big your glass canvas is, we’re ready to transform it into a fixture you’ll come to admire each and every day. Whether it’s streaming light through in a variety of hues and tones, or it’s evoking emotion through the image it displays, we promise stained glass you’ll absolutely treasure.

Add Color to Your Life

If you yearn for the prestige, allure and playfulness of stained glass in your home or business, consult with Beauvilla Glass Designs today! Our portfolio of completed stained glass works spans all types of projects and subject matter, allowing us to hone your idea into a tangible piece of glass that’s everything you want and more.

Contact us today at 310-399-1212 to learn more about our capabilities—including leaded and beveled stained glass options.

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